d  a  v  i  d    t  i  n    m  o  u  t  h
some war writings of gertrude stein

manuscript (150,000 words)
some war writings of Gertrude Stein is a critical exploration of the writings Gertrude Stein undertook while in hiding in the French countryside during World War II. it was written by tinny tin tin, a scholarly dog belonging to the writer david tin mouth. tinny tin tin's study strives to place Stein's war writings in the context of her career, but also in the political and social context of the conflagration of war. it touches on Stein's early collaboration with the Vichy régime, but the main focus of tinny tin tin's work is to make it possible to read previously inaccessible works like Ida and Mrs. Reynolds, works written in Europe by a major writer, both a lesbian and a Jew, even as the Holocaust was unfolding all around her.